Benefits of the QuickCheck App

Having the ability to easily ask your staff, contractors, or regular visitors questions about their current health (or any other questions for which you need answers); and logging their responses in a database for auditing is an important facet of a safe and efficient workplace.

Asking health questions is important in the new "COVID-Normal" world, and crowd-sourcing metrics of all types can be useful for your business.

Ultimate Flexibility

Create a survey of tickboxes, radio buttons, dropdown selections, and text input covering any subject, and in any combination.

Distribute it instantly to every one of your people.

Asked and Answered

Help inform your decision making by getting input from your people 24/7/365.

Change the questions in an instant through your own simple online portal.

Own Your Data

Your data belongs to you. Export it anytime to create charts and data analysis through third-party services.

Workplace Uses

In its capacity of COVID-Safe monitoring and compliance, the QuickCheck App can be used in any workplace that provides a thermometer for arrival / check-in.

Or if your compliance practices do not require a temperature check you can customise the questions presented to the user to include any information that is relevant (recent travel, last vaccination; as well as non-health related questions such as odometer readings etc).

Health Checks

Check on the health of your employees and regular visitors with fully customisable forms.

Equipment Checks

QuickCheck can be used to create an infinite variation of forms and surveys, for any purpose including equipment and maintenance checks.

Flexible Reporting

Export a report on any survey, filtered by timeframe and/or users. Import into Excel and other software for graphing and geo-mapping / GIS.

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